BAP - Business Acceleration Program

The Engine Room Business Acceleration Program is designed for business owners/managers that are seeking to ‘super charge’ the year, and set themselves and the business on a trajectory that will deliver a brighter, more fulfilled future.

Businesses find themselves in a crisis of fatigue, fear, distractibility and uncertainty which is undermining sustainable high performance and effective business transformation. The Business Acceleration Program helps leaders build internal capacity, and develop the deeper, wider, and longer perspective required to adapt skillfully and resiliently to an increasingly complex world.

The Business Acceleration Program will stimulate dramatic shifts in your:
Mindset: Energy and thinking will be tuned for dealing effectively with any future personal and business challenges.
Choices: Decisions will be more confidently taken and actions more effectively implemented.
Behaviours: More impressive results will flow from the decisive plans developed and implemented.

what to expect?

  • Eliminating Constraints

    Identify what is constraining you personally (energy and mindset) and what is impeding the business growth (blockages).

    Being constructive and positive will assist with leading your team to identify and removing business constraints.

    You'll learn:

    What you’re doing in your business right now that’s holding you back.

    The areas of your business where energy and focus needs to be applied, to remove blockages, to take the business to the next level.

  • Self-Awareness

    Undertake a self-evaluation that will identify your personal effectiveness, and highlight what team members need to be selected to provide a balanced, high performing team.

    Being able to focus on your strengths and what energises you, makes you productive and provides you with great satisfaction.

    You'll learn:

    What are your strengths? What are your amazing skills and capabilities that you should focus on? What profile of team members are needed to complete your ‘dream team’.
  • A Better Future

    The world is changing quickly and you will learn ways to adapt and seize the opportunities that are going to present in the years ahead.

    Being able to identify future trends and implementing innovative solutions to customer challenges, will move the business forward with optimism.

    You'll learn:

    What technologies are likely to disrupt your industry and business? What opportunities will these future changes provide for your business. How can you and your business adapt to seize the future opportunities that will be presented.

  • Freedom

    Generating the habits required to be free of the irritating and de-energising aspects of life and have a purpose driven future that inspires and energises you.

    Being able to expand your freedom in all areas of your business and personal life.

    You'll learn:

    Using the tools obtained in the Business Acceleration Program, you’ll learn where your thinking currently limits your freedom, and how you can improve your future. Once you’ve established a clear vision, not only will your business grow even when you’ve not there, it will grow more as you become more freed up.

Every Workshop will include:

  • Highly intensive knowledge - principles, methodologies, that will stimulate thinking and energy.
  • Innovative business tools (designed by Engine Room) that will deliver insights and equip you for decisive action.
  • Discussions with other high performing business owners and managers to generate ideas and develop breakthroughs.
  • Development of a 90 Day Action Plan.
  • An experience that is energising, inspirational and motivational.

Every 90 days (between workshops) will include:

  • The motivation to implement the 90 Day Action Plan set during the ‘Action Hour’ at the end of the workshop.
  • Weekly additions to the Engine Room On-line Learning platform of relevant material (ie videos, articles,) that ‘dive deeper’ into the workshop topics.
  • A conference meeting (using a digital platform) after 30 days.
  • A webinar (using a digital platform) after 60 days.
  • Coaching support for the successful implementation of the Action Plan.


Full 4 Day Workshops
Comprehensive online material
$6,000 (+GST)

Contact Michelle Chafin for more information about the program and the investment of the program.

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“The practical tools gained through our involvement have been invaluable. I come away from each workshop energised and motivated to implement my learnings right away. Engine Room workshops not only focus on how to propel my business further, but how it can help me personally and professionally. I would recommend any program with Engine Room.”

Dillan Stipinovich, Director Daltech

Business Acceleration Program - Starts in 2021

This isn’t just a place where you can hit your stride.
It’s a place where you can find your people - people that want to grow their business, while not letting the business overtake their lives.

At the Business Acceleration Program, you’re going to get great advice and tools that changes everything, via:

  • 4 intensive full-day workshops spaced 90 days apart running from Feb to Nov.
  • A powerfully insightful profiling tool, to increase self awareness in what drives and energises you.
  • ‘Power Hours’ where you’ll be provided intensive learning and focused group discussion to facilitate breakthrough thinking.
  • ‘Action hours' where you’ll get clarity on how to apply what you’ve learned before stepping back into the day-to- day operational issues.
  • Structured time in each workshop to network and build relationships with business owners from a broad range of industries.
  • 90 day sprints between each workshop when you apply the action plan derived in each workshop.
  • On-line material to supplement each workshop and to continue the learning during the 90 days.
  • A cocktail function at the mid-point of the program to connect, network and relax.
  • On-line ‘power hours’ (ie videos, articles, conference meetings, webinars) each week to continue the learning - to ‘dive deeper’ on topics covered in the full-day workshop.

Workshop dates

Workshop 1February 2021
Workshop 2May 2021
Network Cocktail EventJuly 2021
Workshop 3August 2021
Workshop 4November 2021