What we do

We are a boutique training and coaching firm committed to fully fuelling the most progressive businesses. We teach leaders to more skillfully manage their business, and how to quickly take innovative ideas through to implementation.

Knowledge and energy are key to realising opportunities in a rapidly changing market. So, we work with businesses to provide these key elements, and continuously challenge and support them so they can solve complex problems to attain great results.

As an employer, we can all say “we have a great company culture, our staff are honest with me, I know them well”. This may well be true, yet I believe you will never know the true measure of the culture within your business till you can tease it out of your staff by someone outside of your business, where they can be completely open and share what they really think. That’s what Engine Rooms Energy Workshop did for us.

Squeak Van Duyn, Director, Character Cabinets / Stone With Character

Meet Glenn and Michelle

Glenn Taylor
Co-founder / Director

Glenn Taylor has spent the past 25 years as a management consultant operating predominantly as a business coach, mentor, and workshop facilitator to the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector.

Glenn has coached over 75 businesses and mentored over 250 business owners/managers. He is a generalist who works across all aspects of business innovation and development. Glenn is a keen student of future technologies and researches constantly to advise businesses of future trends – those that will disrupt and the opportunities that these changes offer.

Michelle Chafin
Co-founder / Director

Michelle Chafin is firmly focused on driving energy and results in businesses. This is evident through her experience in designing entrepreneur workshops; coaching business leaders; implementation of business programs for high performing leaders.

Michelle has a natural ability to bring people and resources together that builds a strong business community.

With her energy comes a greater focus on the importance of creative thinking and innovation.