Investment to the business

Workshops - ½ day

For all businesses, human capital is its greatest asset and the biggest key to achieving business goals. So how can you better prepare your team to perform in a highly competitive environment? By up-skilling your staff through training!

Engine Room workshops provide you and your team with the most critical skills required to propel the business forward.

To create a learning culture, we recommend that more than one team member attends the workshop/s. We also encourage Business Owners/Senior Managers to attend the workshops with their team - as this shows real commitment and increases the staff's engagement with the learning. From our experience, it makes a substantially improves the effectiveness of the training experience.

Engine Room Workshops, will provide team members with the skills to make better business decisions and to improve business performance. Therefore, the investment in these 1⁄2 day workshops will provide significant benefit to the business, as well as motivate your team member (as you have invested in their development)!

Engine Room online learning platform - You and your staff will be able to continue your learning journey with full access to all material and activities on EROL (Engine Room Online)

Investing in your staff training this year, will ensure your business is ready for the future.

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"The workshop with our senior management and sales team instantly struck a chord with all staff. The team were able to relate to the importance of energy and mindset and the impact this can have on the overall culture and "feel" within the business and of course the customer. We then held another session including all operational and workshop staff and again it hit the mark with the whole team really connecting with the material. We found the concepts to be simple yet extremely powerful and have gone on with all staff involved in producing energy centric phrases as the core of a new culture program."

Kevin Cooper, Sea Containers WA

Creating a positive workplace culture
Workshop dates
18 March 2020

Why a workshop on energy? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have staff with a positive and constructive mindset - working together more positively – encouraging and supporting each other when confronted with issues/ challenges? Sounds like a great goal, doesn’t it? Well this workshop will provide you with the concepts, methodologies and tools to achieve this goal.

How would you rate your workplace culture on the diagram above? Do you have staff who are difficult and negative - is the culture (how people operate when not been supervised) negative in nature? Then this workshop is for your business. However, if your culture is positive in nature, then your business should also do the workshop, so it continues to stay that way.

All life's a conversation
Workshop dates
29 April 2020

The way a team interacts with each other, and clients, is key to business success. If the team is not clear in their communication style, then this will have a direct impact on the business’s performance – as, you don’t want customer delays, due to poor communication. The team will be able to fine-tune their existing communication style and learn new techniques to communicate more effectively. These techniques include:

  • How to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings
  • The success formula to persuade and influence others
  • Handling tough situations well, and turning them into a win for everyone involved
  • The barriers to effective communication (assumptions, ambiguity, bias, emotion etc.)
  • Understanding how messages can be interpreted differently and how to mitigate accordingly
  • Collaborating as one business unit
  • Developing the habits of an effective communicator
Exceptional Customer Service
Delivering the WOW
Workshop dates
27 May 2020

A business is an entity that obtains and retains customers – period! No customers – no business! So, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, attending to your customer’s needs becomes ever more critical. You therefore, need to attract and retain your customers via exceptional customer service - to deliver a wow experience.

How do you get all staff to provide exceptional customer service – maybe better than you do – especially when an issue has arisen, and the customer is greatly dissatisfied? This workshop will provide the concepts and methodologies and tools to consistently provide exceptional customer service.

We win when we work as a team
Workshop dates
24 June 2020

Does the team function to its full potential and capacity? Does the team work together to achieve the team goals? To develop a high performing team, all members must understand their responsibility of what makes a great team.

The simulated activities are undertaken to show the impact of dysfunctional teams, this will lead to open discussions on how the team can focus more on:

  • making better decisions
  • increasing productivity
  • innovating product and services
  • achieving higher levels of engagement

This training will include activities to establish clearly defined team goals, where the team creates a Plan of Action to cement ideas for: teamwork/team achievements.

Let's develop our staff as they are the future
Workshop dates
29 July 2020

Everyone in the team should aspire towards adopting leadership qualities – this means they inspire, motivate, mentor and empower those that they come in contact with on a regular basis.

This training will teach the core qualities of what makes a great leader and they will learn the skills and techniques to coach a successful team – now and into the future.

This will ensure everyone empowers each team member, by displaying these leadership qualities throughout the business.

This workshop has been designed to lead into the coaching program. The coaching program weaves the learnings from each workshop into the coaching methodologies that are covered in the coaching program.

For leaders who want to take their team on a journey from ‘average’ to excellence. This is not just a training program this is a change management program.

Attracting and Maintaining clients
without the hard sell
Workshop dates
25 February 2020 | 19 August 2020

The greatest challenge for any business is to ‘feed the workflow pipe’ – with the right work, at the right time – possibly two thirds of all business challenges would dissipate if this steady stream of client work could be achieved!

Are there too few people in your business attracting and maintaining clients? Wouldn’t it be great if more key staff were committed (and equipped) to attracting and maintaining clients?

All businesses sell the same product – confidence! The potential customer will only buy if they are confident that their expectations will be met. This workshop will provide concepts, methodologies and tools for equipping key staff to ‘sell confidence’ on a macro and individual levels.

Process Improvement
Systematising your business collectively
Workshop dates
26 March 2020 | 16 September 2020

Why does a business need to focus on process improvement? Your business may have grown quickly and the systems development has lagged – so errors are being made (by well-intentioned staff) too frequently. Your business is consequently overwhelmed with ‘firefighting’.

Alternatively, your key systems are well developed but have stagnated, and your business is at risk of being overtaken by more innovative competitors.

So, imagine being provided the concepts, methodologies and tools to enable you to develop and improve the key processes within your business. What will follow is improved product and service delivery – that is, improved quality and timeliness of delivery, greater consistency, efficiency, and so forth.

If you are attracted to the above but feel that you might not have the time to attend the workshop, then consider if it is because your business is stuck in one of the cycles below. If this is the case, then you need this workshop to break free of the cycle - you will learn how to improve processes that will save your business substantial time and money.

Meetings and Financial Dashboards
Driving the business collaboratively
Workshop dates
22 April 2020 | 28 October 2020

A common 'pain point' for Senior Managers and Owners, is that staff/managers often don't realise the impact that their decisions have on the business’s financial performance.

For a business to successfully grow from small to medium and beyond, the business needs to develop staff/ managers that are able to make better business decisions - based on the financial implications. Ideally, they have the skills, information, and the process, to develop their own, and their team’s 'bigger picture’ understanding.

The leaders need to run meetings that share the business metrics, so that better decision making can be made in the meetings, and spread throughout the business for day-to-day decision making. Teams that build a tempo of meeting to review their results and discuss the ‘game plan’ for how to improve moving forward, are the teams that become winning teams.

Adapting to the Future
Embracing the opportunities
Workshop dates
20 May 2020 | 18 November 2020

The rate of change is accelerating and business disruption is occurring ever more frequently. It has been predicted that we are going to see more change in the next 15 years than we have in the past 150 years. Businesses that aren’t looking forward to the changes that lay ahead, cannot prepare and seize the opportunities that will be presented - “with change comes opportunity”.

People range in their appetite for change - depending upon personality type, stage of life, fears and trepidation's etc. What if we were better equipped to adjust our own mindset, and to assist/lead others to be more accepting and positive about innovating and adapting to the changes necessary?

This workshop will provide a balanced look at the approaching changes, and provide the concepts, methodologies and tools for examining and addressing change; leading and driving the changes in a proactive, positive and constructive manner. The future is exciting and it’s going to be a great place to travel to - especially if we create some innovative and relevant products or services!